What We Believe

This is not our entire theology.  It is a brief overview of beliefs which may distinguish us from other denominations.  All of our teachings are based on hundreds of years of detailed study of the entire Bible by great Christian scholars.  A more thorough statement of our doctrine may be found in the Westminster Confession of Faith; however our ultimate commitment is to the Bible and to God, to whom we give all glory.

It is important to know what one believes, and the doctrines of our church are simply a statement of what we believe.  We feel it is important to organize our beliefs so we may be honest with inquirers and maintain the propositions we hold to be true.

The Bible

The solid foundation of all our beliefs is the Bible.  We are firmly convinced that the Scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments are God’s Word, revealed to man through human authors.  Therefore, we believe the Bible is without error and the ultimate authority for faith and life.  We preach and teach God’s Word in its simplicity, beauty, and power because it is the eternal truth for God’s people in a lost and confused world.

Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus of Nazareth was and is truly God and truly man.  We believe He lived a sinless life, died an undeserved death on the cross in the place of sinners and rose again from the dead on the third day, according to the Scriptures.  We believe that Jesus Christ will one day visibly return to the earth in power to rule over all His creatures.

God, Man, and Salvation

We believe that God is entirely sovereign over the world because this is His world.  He created it and He sustains it.  Because man is “dead in sin,” we believe he can never come to Christ unless God first makes him spiritually alive.  Such a “born-again” person will then receive Christ, turn from his sin and receive eternal life.  There is nothing anyone can do to earn this salvation – it is a gift, not earned by works, but given by God alone.

We believe that all people from all times who have believed in God and His salvation are saved by faith and are members of the church, the body of Christ.  Salvation has been and will be only by grace through faith.  We believe that God has entered into a special relationship with His people and their children, promising to bless them as they live in obedience to His Word.