Our Background

Town North Presbyterian Church is part of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).  Born in 1973, the PCA is a young denomination, but our heritage is traced to the New Testament and the Reformation of the 16th century.  The Reformation began as a movement intent on reforming the Roman Catholic Church and purifying it from corruption. In the end, the Reformation gave rise to three major Protestant denominations: The Lutherans, the Anglicans (or Episcopalians), and the Presbyterians (i.e. Reformed).  A burning desire for a Biblical church was the driving force behind the beginning of Presbyterianism and continues to characterize the PCA today.

Unfortunately, in this century, the major Presbyterian denominations have generally forsaken teachings and practices that are essential to Biblical Christianity. Because of their desire for a Biblical church, the people who formed our denomination left their old affiliations to form a new church, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).

There were many significant changes in mainline denominations which precipitated this separation. Among the more important were:

  • A departure from the belief that the Bible is the Word of God, without error, and the final authority for faith and life.
  • An increasingly liberal theology which denies the fundamentals of the Christian faith, including that Jesus Christ is God, that He became man, lived a perfect life, performed miracles, died in the place of sinners, rose from the dead, and will visibly return to this earth.
  • A deterioration in missions, exchanging the spreading of the gospel for mere cultural emphasis.

In contrast, our PCA denomination believes in an inspired, inerrant Bible, in the fundamentals of the faith, and in reaching sinners for Christ.  We welcome all who trust Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord to join with us in being a sound witness for Him in the world. Our vision is to reach a dark world with the light of the good news of Jesus Christ.