LIFE Change

What is LIFE Change?

Life Change is a program started by Town North Church. Each communicant member commits to putting 25¢ per day into their Life Change bank for world missions.

The third Sunday of each month the money is brought to church and deposited in the containers at the front of the sanctuary as a special offering of sacrifice. Together we can do a great work for our Lord’s mission. The key is that everyone must get involved. While the quarters are being put into the bank stop and have a prayer time for our missionaries and our Lord’s mission. Use the time to remind your family of our Lord’s mission for His church. A church of 300 members would raise $27,375.00 a year if all members were in the program.

What has Town North done over the years through the “Life Change” program?

  • Various church planting and mission projects in Mexico City
  • A Mexican National was sent to Atlanta to the assessment center for church planters
  • We supported the Mexico/Texas border church planting effort
  • We paid one half of the budget for a church plant in Saltillo, Mexico
  • We paid one half of a Mexican national’s salary for Mexican mission work
  • We sent the Clellands and Davises to Mexico to conduct a Presbytery Worship seminar
  • We contributed to a theology library in Chile
  • We assisted Bonnie Wells in her mission trips to Russia several times
  • We assisted in purchasing a church building in Guadalajara, Mexico
  • We support church planting efforts in Guadalajara
  • We assisted in establishing libraries for pastor training in Chile, Mexico and Nairobi
  • We provided support for our youth to go on mission trips
  • We supported several of our members on extended missions
  • God used our example to encourage several other PCA Churches to use the Life Change program to support their missions program
  • We supported a missionary couple from our Presbytery for work in the Ukraine
  • We have supported many special projects when our missionaries needed funds

Well done, good and faithful servants

We are called to be stewards of all we have been given. God has given us a tremendous opportunity to be part of His mission. If Jesus were in control of our budgets would He be able to work “Life Change” into it?

Jesus gave His life so those the Father gave Him would have their lives changed. What will we give to change lives for our Lord’s mission? Please consider the “Life Change” program. Pick up a bank at the missions area in the narthex and begin today.