2017 Online Directory

We will be making use of a secure online directory service to maintain the Town North Directory. This has the advantage of making our directory easily accessible and easily updatable. The directory also now contains pictures! Once you access the directory, please look at your information and send any updates to Roxanne (roxanne.johnson@tnpc.org). Four different ways to access the directory are described below.

Method 1: Online Access

A. Go here for the online directory access:


B. To login the first time:

1. Click on the “Create a login now” link.

2. Enter your email address and create a password

3. A “verification link” will be emailed to you.

4. Click on the “verification link” in the email, then login to the site using your email and the password you created (if no email – check your “Junk Mail”)

C. Make sure to save your login / password. If you run into problems logging in the first time, it is likely because the email address you are using is not one that has been added to the directory. Let Roxanne (roxanne.johnson@tnpc.org) know so the update can be made.

Method 2: PDF Copy of the Directory

A. Go here to download a full, printable PDF: http://directory.instantchurchdirectory.com/73974894/churchdirectory.pdf

B. Save the PDF to your hard drive. To open the file, you will need the password. If you don’t already have the password, send an email to Roxanne (roxanne.johnson@tnpc.org) and ask for the password to the PDF directory file.

C. The online PDF will be updated as changes to the directory occur, so return periodically to download an updated copy.

Method 3: Printed Copy of the Directory

You can sign-up to receive a printed copy of the directory in the back of the Narthex. If, however, you are able to easily use the directory through one of the other methods, it would be helpful to save the printed copies for those who do not frequently use a computer or smart phone.

Method 4: Smartphone Access

A. There is a free App that allows you to easily view and use the directory from any iPhone, iPad, Android device or Kindle Fire. The App allows you to directly call, email or text to any phone number or email address in the directory, and it provides the latest changes to the directory so your device remains up-to-date.

B. To download and use the app:

1. Go to your device’s App store.
2. Search for “Instant Church Directory”
3. Enter your email as it is listed in the directory
4. You will be assigned a password (per device). Enter the password into the app to begin synching.

C. If you run into problems getting a password, it is likely because the email address you are using is not one that has been added to the directory.