Adventure in Caring Disciple Group

Adventure in Caring members are folks just like you, who want to know our Lord and experience some of the caring and discipleship that meeting together with other Christians can develop.  We don’t know all the answers, but by sharing and being committed to the group, we try to approach learning in a group setting.

During the Months that school is in session, Adventure in Caring meets twice a month – on the second and fourth Sundays.  Our setting is around a table in the Education Building and we meet at 3:30pm. The agenda for these meetings is pretty simple, We study our lesson, then we share some of the concerns we are experiencing in our lives and Finally we take these concerns to our Lord in Prayer.

We have been studying the Gospel of Mark – and this fall we will continue from the 11th Chapter.

As I stated before, Adventure in Caring is just a group of people – all ages and our meetings don’t have the frills or the food that some of the other disciple groups enjoy but what we do have is a desire to learn, share and grow.  May this be a personal invitation to you to maybe join us this fall as we begin a new year being Adventurers!