Adult Sunday School

The Adult Education class is held 9:00 to 10:00am in Room 205 of the Education Building.

Gospel Communication

August 6, 2017 – October 22, 2017 | Teacher – Imad Aubrey

When we speak about gospel communication we always include evangelism; and yet we often experience a sharp-edged uncertainty reflected in questions such as: “Where should I begin? I am aware of my inability and incompetence, but I want to help others. I want to reflect and communicate Jesus Christ! I know the Bible is vast and deep. But where do I begin?”

How do people change? How do destructive people become constructive? How do angry people learn to make peace? Why are troubled people troubled? What’s wrong with us?

When we step into the light of God and into the darkness of mankind we find ourselves even in a harder situation like that of Isaiah (Isaiah 6) and we ask: Who is sufficient for such things? How can I master what exceeds my comprehension and ability? How can face-to- face “helping” relationships be  reconfigured to serve as instruments in the hands of our Redeemer?

Scripture is about understanding and helping people. The scope of Scripture’s sufficiency includes those face-to-face relationships. We already know the content of Scripture but how to deliver it, is the hardest of it all.

This Sunday school class is designed to take the content we already know and get specific about how we can actually deliver the content. “Case studies, lectures, and group discussions will be tools to help us grow in our ability to listen well, know people, interpret another person’s story from a biblical perspective, and offer biblically-based truth that will engage non-believers with the gospel; but it will also motivate believers in their growth in Christ.”

The class will challenge us to learn how to listen more to people’s hearts and how to be sensitive to God’s voice from scriptures. As we seek to help non-believers, we ourselves are humbled before God who works in and through us (Matt. 28:16-20).

This is a hands-on kind of a class. It has two unique requirements. First, each member (if they want to benefit from it) will be paired with another for a workshop and practice, as well as within small groups. Each one is encouraged to meet weekly for an hour with someone (a friend, neighbor, a colleague at work, etc.) to put into practice what he/she is learning from Gospel Communications and to write a journal (if possible). But even if they don’t participate they will still benefit from the environment and nature of the class and the way it is designed to engage them to do so with others as we discuss cases, and learn how to interpret other people stories in light of God’s story as revealed in his infallible Word.

The class is also connected to our motto “a community of disciples making disciples;” seeking the Lord’s will use it to help develop an ethos of Evangelism at Town North. It’s a twelve-week class, which starts on August 6 until October 22. Those sessions include workshops and practice ‘how to’ reach out to the lost.

The Westminster Confession

October 16, 2016 – July 30, 2017, and October 29, 2017 – TBD  |   Teacher – David Hitt

Ask a typical Christian about Bible doctrine, and you’re liable to get a blank stare, perhaps followed by an exaggerated rolling of the eyes.  The sad fact is that most Christians have been conditioned to believe that doctrine is tedious, long-settled, largely irrelevant to daily life and ideally suited to test the stamina of seminarians.  But all of that’s wrong, and we’re about to discover how wrong.

We are embarking on a study of Bible doctrine using the Westminster Confession of Faith as a general outline.   However, this is not going to be a lecture series.  Instead, we are going on a highly interactive tour of the fundamentals of our faith (which make us Christians) and denominational distinctives (which make us Presbyterians).

We’re going to find out why we believe what we believe.  We’re going to learn that doctrine is not only an incomparable tool for defending the faith, but can be our living, breathing, daily companion if we’ll give it the chance.  We may be surprised to learn that while we may have many minor differences in our beliefs, we can still worship and fellowship in unity.

Accordingly, you are hereby appointed a Westminster Divine (together with all rights, privileges and duties thereunto appertaining).  You are also duly summoned forthwith to join the Westminster Assembly, which is reconstituting in Room 205 of the Christian Education Building.  All agree this new venue is more convenient and has better climate control than the Jerusalem Chamber of Westminster Abbey.  It also has hot coffee, which is nice.

We’re going to question, discuss, debate, reconcile, discern and understand.  Bring your Bible and your brain.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, we’re going to exercise both.  We’re also going to have a lot of fun.  I guarantee it.


WCF 1.1

WCF 1.2 & 1.3

WCF 1.4 & 1.5

WCF 1.6 & 1.7

WCF 1.8

WCF 1.9 & 1.10

WCF 2.1

WCF 2.2

WCF 2.3

WCF 3.1 & 3.2

WCF 3.3 & 3.4

WCF 3.5 & 3.7

WCF 3.6

WCF 4.1

WCF 4.2

WCF 5.1

WCF 5.2 – 5.4

WCF 5.5 – 5.7

WCF 6.1 & 6.2

WCF 6.3 & 6.4

WCF 6.5 & 6.6

WCF 7.1 & 7.2

WCF 7.3 & 7.4

WCF 7.5 & 7.6

WCF 8.1

WCF 8.2

WCF 8.3 & 8.4

WCF 8.5 & 8.6